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Brave Health is on a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable care for behavioral health conditions. We use telehealth to make treatment available to more people, when and where they need it. We are a licensed Medicaid + Medicare provider (some states pending) and accept most insurance, with the goal of reducing cost as a barrier for people seeking help.
Equip is a virtual program helping families recover from eating disorders at home with comprehensive, gold-standard care created by experts in the field and people in recovery. Equip’s five-person care teams include dieticians, physicians, therapists, and mentors who deliver wrap-around support to provide families progress and lasting recovery. Kristina Saffran and Erin Parks co-founded the company in San Diego, California in 2019.
Hazel Health is committed to eliminating barriers to quality health care for children. As the national leader in pediatric telehealth care, Hazel Health partners with school districts across the U.S. Hazel's team of experienced pediatricians, therapists, educators, and best-in-class engineers are passionate about ensuring all children receive the best care in school or at home.
Hurdle is mental healthcare for invisible barriers. As the leading provider of culturally intentional mental healthcare, our digital platform provides a comprehensive suite of mental health services and self-mastery tools to employers and payers to meet the needs of their employees and members, especially their Black employees. Our therapists are trained in an evidence-based approach that improves cultural humility and responsiveness.
Koko provides free digital mental health services to millions of people struggling online. We partner with large social networks help find and treat at-risk individuals directly on their platform.
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Manatee is a software empowering families raising children with behavioral disorders to align on key objectives with their therapist. Manatee uses AI and methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to track your child's progress over time.
Our mission is to advance health equity by making mental health care radically accessible and inclusive of communities of color and low-income families. We partner with healthcare payers and providers to offer culturally-responsive mental health coaching over text message. Our members receive a personal team of coaches who proactively support them 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Through our service, we are creating a continuum of support that does not generally exist for youth. For communities who do not traditionally engage in clinical services due to high stigma and lack of access, we serve as an ongoing source of culturally responsive, nonclinical support. We provide our partners with real-time data on community mental health needs to predict and prevent mental health crises in our communities.
Movement Genius is a digital wellness platform that provides live and on-demand classes to help you improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Classes are designed by a diverse range of psychotherapists and experts, who incorporate evidence-based techniques proven to reduce stress, release tension, and support your mood and mindset.
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Violet is the first platform dedicated to benchmarking cultural competencies within healthcare organizations, upskilling clinical teams to become more inclusive, and helping the healthcare industry deliver identity-centered healthcare for all patients.